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Parallel Vienna 2022 | One intervention and 4 artists statements

room, acrylic on wood, 2022
The room, 24x30cm, acrylic on wood, 2022

*Artist Statement with a project “In die weite Welt hinein” at Parallel 2022 Vienna

6.09.-11.9.2022. at Semmelweisklinik, Hockegasse 37, 1180 Vienna

*Group project curated by Natalia Gurova in cooperation with kültüř gemma! and Vienna Design Week

15.9-25.9.2022 Focus Bezirk Mariahilf

Aquana in der Natur”, after Anton Lehmden

Exhibited in Station Volkstheater from 1.9-15.9. 2020 as part of the project Red Carpet Showrooms.

Axiom by Neda Nikolic and Omar Al Kaissi at The Dessous Wien

Space is what surrounds us and we surround ourselves with, axiomatic for the most part.
We find ourselves crossing and ending up in re-occurring places, playgrounds, buildings and main streets, rarely questioning our free-will, almost as if it’s pre-destined, unaware that we have a say. In addition to the public spaces we frequently end up in, there’s also the inner side to the story, rooms, halls, restaurants, bars etc. Our focus is the personal space we choose to decorate according to our taste and needs in contrast to the rigid, unalterable outside world.
Our inability to change and influence the public space, according to our ideals, leaves us in a repressed state of unfulfilled desire, so we are forced to take it elsewhere, inside our homes.
Inner space is where we find most autonomy, we are in charge to make it look the way we wish to, whether cramped with antiques and ornaments, colorful and loud, or just plain and minimal. This private space, is where we get to exercise what is left of our personal freedom, hence making it into a material reflection of who we are, be it happiness or despair, your personal room is blatantly honest in mirroring your essence, regardless of the many efforts to conceal what we perceive as ugly and inappropriate.
In this exhibition, painters Neda Nikolic and Omar Al Kaissi take a closer gaze into finding the essence of space and what we choose to replace space with.

Text by Omar Al Kaissi