The Room

Playground walls


Timelife story / a walkthrough

Timelife story, a spatial three-dimensional work in the form of a labyrinth, illustrates Subjects ́s Timeline on Instagram. The labyrinth is a life-size, maze shaped, interactive environment. The Timeline is a plain, legible, with pastel background-theme media. Although it is filled with a content (objects, paintings, photos), the context is very clear. There are two entrances, and one exit. One can walk various paths, create own walking patterns and make up own stories. The Subject is a storyteller. The story doesn’t require to be read chronologically, it is preferred to be narrated in various ways. There is an open-end situation with no time limit.

Last Call, 2013

With “Last Call” by Neda Nikolic, Kunstzelle becomes a place where the last calls can be made. This requires planning, because the opening hours on Fridays from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. are deliberately kept to a minimum.

While the cell expresses itself in black in a pious manner, visitors can expect a white, light and intimate room atmosphere inside. “Facebook will miss you” announces a notice on the wall and there is a cell phone inside, which can be used to talk to an artist. Everyone is free to share their opinion, fears, worries with an artist. In that way, the phone booth user defines a meaning of the Last Call.

Last Call is the second winning project in the class TransArts competition at the University of Applied Arts in cooperation with the Kunstzelle, a project by Christine Baumann.