Es wird erlaubt mit Puppen, Schuhen, Tasten zu spielen. Immer und überall. Jungen und Mädchen
dürfen beide spielen. Nur vielleicht Puppen für Mädchen, vielleicht nur rosa, vielleicht grün. Grün für
Jungen sowieso. Rosa für Mädchen.
Es wird erlaubt in den Sand zu pinkeln. Nur, haben wir kein Sand. Keine Katze. Leider.
Es wird erlaubt laut zu sein, zu lachen, zu singen. Nur keine Lieder. 
Alles wird erlaubt. Heute. Hier. Immer. Überall.


They slept.They dreamed.
When morning came
Marks remained.


You call me every day.
One hour on phone a day.
Sometimes I call you.
Sometimes I don’t pick up.
Sometimes you don’t pick up.
I have other friends.
4 friends.
So 5 calls in total.
After 5th I don’t pick up.
Except for emergency.
Calls from a family.
Calls dealing with job I often do not answer.
Not after working hours.
You like talking on phone.
Long talks.
One hour I would say.
I prefer talking live.
You keep calling.
I do answer.
2 hours on phone. Daily.
14 hours a week.
Spent on phone.
Talking about nothing.
You like to talk.
I use loudspeaker.
I do more things while talking.
I can not concentrate.
I can not finish what I started.
You are still talking with me.
I am preparing my lunch.
I am eating.
I am washing dishes.
Doing laundry.
You like to talk.
I can not end this.
Can not hang up.
I like you.
I hate phones.
56 hours per month.
On phone.
You ask me questions.
You talk about yourself.
I remain quiet.
672h per year.
Lost hours.
I want to quit.
To hang up.
I cant. Don’t know how.
What to tell you.
28 lost days.
Lost month.
On phone.
I don’t pick up.
You don’t call me anymore.
I remain quiet.


This thing I see everyday.
This thing I use everyday.
To wash hands and brushes.
To throw the colored water.
Then to wash it with water.
Wash and rewash.